KH Chemicals supplying disinfectants free of charge

We all know that the COVID-19 crisis can lead to remarkable initiatives. One of those initiatives has been set-up by mr. Bolt and mr. Ketting of the company KH Chemicals, in cooperation with the company Anker Stuy Verven. KH Chemicals provided two key ingredients used in the manufacturing of disinfecting gels and liquids: IPA (better known as Iso Propyl Alcohol) and Ethanol, both completely free of charge.

BASF took part in the cooperation as well, it added some other ingredients and blended 3.500 liters of disinfecting liquid, again completely free of charge. BASF subsequently put the product in jerry cans and made it ready for distribution. At this stage transport company Trasegro came in play as they moved the jerry cans with finished product, also free of charge, from BASF (Heerenveen) to the headquarters of KH Chemicals in Zwijndrecht.

From here the jerry cans got distributed to institutions in the region that are in desperate need of additional sanitizing fluids such as care homes, residential communities and hospices. KH Chemicals, with its pay-off “It’s all about people”, joined forces with its business partners to help those in need. In the end we all need each other, that’s why it’s all about people!

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Spinning for Sophia

Also this year a strong and motivated delegation of KH Chemicals was present at the charity event “Spinning for Sophia”. On Friday the 14th of February they gave all they had in order to make the lives of the children in Sophia’s hospital better.

It turned out to be a great evening during which the KH Chemicals team traded huge amounts of sweat for a bunch of positive energy, lots of fun and most of all: support for Sophia.

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Alpe d’Huzes

On Thursday June 6th two teams of KH Chemicals participated in the “Alpe d’Huzes”.A motivated group of runners and bikers conquered the famous mountain “Alpe d’Huez” in France to raise money for cancer research and the improvement of quality of life of people with cancer.

The motto “giving up is not an option” is exactly the thing the sportsmen of KH Chemicals have done. Some ran up the mountain even 2 times other cycled 4 times up the mountain, quite an achievement!

Apart from the sportive part, various activities were organized to raise as much as possible for this charity. Next to the generous donations from private individuals, also various companies have enthusiastically sponsored. The final ranking is € 42.036 in total, 100% of which goes to cancer research.

We are proud of that!

In particular, we want to thank our sponsors without whom this result could never have been achieved!:

Anker Stuy Coatings
Veilig Gevoel Nederland
Slavenburg & Huyser
Nijman Zeetank
Total Belgium
Van Appeldoorn
HDO Dakbedekking
CMH Drukwerkveredeling
Renes Recycling
Plaizier Diervoeders
AH Ridderkerk
Bakkerij vd Waal

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On May 15th 2019, KH Chemicals participated again in our local charity run “de Verkerkloop”. We are proud of our colleagues who put a lot of energy in this event to raise money for “Stichting Support Casper”, which is an organization doing research on pancreatic cancer. For the second time in row, one of the five teams of KH Chemicals won the 5 km business run. Just like last year, our colleagues joined a weekly running clinic hosted by former Dutch Olympic athlete Robert Lathouwers. They prepared themselves for this run and they are still training to conquer the Alpe D’Huez a couple of times on June 6th!

Big compliment for all runners!

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Spinning for The Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital

And yet another charity activity to report on. An enthusiastic team of KH Chemicals participated last Friday in a “spinning bike” activity to raise money for “The Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital” to support children with a chronic (long-term) disease.

3 hours of hard work, sweating and endurance all for charity.

Thanks to all of you for your contribution!

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Boxing for Sara

On January 20th 2019, KH Chemicals participated in a charity boxing event to raise money for the Foundation for Sara.

Two KH Chemicals teams worked very hard and did various workouts like pink boxing and cross boxing.

We are proud of our colleagues who put a lot of energy in this event to raise money for this charity!

For further information:

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Last week our colleague Maikel Bolt presented together with the local Soccer Club FC Dordrecht a cheque to their charity project “Make-a-Wish foundation”.
This was realized by selling the newly designed “FC Dordrecht” doormats as presented on our website earlier this year.
50% of the revenue was for “Make-a-Wish foundation” the other 50% was donated to the Youth Academy of FC Dordrecht.


Spinning for Leontienhuis

On September 26th, KH participated in a spinning clinic for The Leontienhuis.
The Leontienhuis is an initiative of Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel, a former Dutch racing cyclist, world champion and Olympic gold medalist.
The Leontienhuis is a center which provides professional help and support for people suffering from eating disorders and their beloved ones.
We are proud of our colleagues who worked hard to raise money for this charity event!


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Verkerkloop 2018

[row][span6]On May 16th 2018, KH Chemicals participated again in our local charity run “de Verkerkloop”.
One of the four teams of KH Chemicals won the 5 km business run this year.
Our colleagues joined a weekly running clinic to prepare themselves for the run.
The clinic was hosted by Robert Lathouwers a former Dutch Olympic athlete.
Their efforts were very well rewarded and we are proud of our running teams!






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