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KH@APCS 2022

The Asia Pacific Coatings Show is the leading event in South East Asia and the Pacific Rim for the coatings industry. This year KH will be participating as well. We would like to welcome you at our booth C51!!

KH@Abrafati 2022

ABRAFATI SHOW is the most important event of its kind in Latin America and among the world’s most important as well. KH will be participating as well. We welcome you at our booth C134!

KH @Coatings for Africa 2022

We’re exhibiting at the largest gathering for the coatings community in Africa.
Coatings for Africa in Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg South Africa.
To meet our team, you’re invited to our booth #F34

Thank you for visiting us at Eurocoat!

We would like to thank you for visiting us at Eurocoat 2022 in Paris.
It was a pleasure to meet you in person.
Thanks to you it was a very successful exhibition!

Eurocoat 2022

KH Chemicals will be present at Eurocoat 2022.
The Exhibition & Congress dedicated to production & formulation of paints, varnishes, inks, glues and adhesive.
To meet our team, you are invited to our booth #E18!

American Coatings Show 2022

KH Chemicals will be present at American Coatings Show.
To meet our team you are invited to our booth #1073!

We hope to see you there!

KH Chemicals warns for fraudulent online activities!

Dear customers, please be informed about an increase in fraudulent activities via online communications that can have a substantial impact on your company. As it appears, fraudsters present themselves as employees of KH Chemicals and inform our customers about new banking details. These fraudsters use fake email addresses and false letterheads in order to disguise themselves as trustworthy KH Chemicals representatives.

We urgently warn you that these fraudulent online communications are often indistinguishable from official KH Chemicals communications. The fraudsters operate quite professionally as they include and share invoicing documents, corporate stamps and official signatures that are used in the digital KH Chemicals environment. On top of that, and in many cases, the fraudsters contact customers directly with a phone call in order to convince them even more and to let them act according their misleading and fraudulent instructions.

KH Chemicals emphasizes that any change in banking details is extremely rare! So in case you receive emails, phone calls and/or other communications stating such changes we strongly advise to directly get in touch with a trusted source within our company to verify and authenticate this information. We wish to highlight that our company is not liable for any loss(es) that occur by transferring payments to unverified and unauthorized bank accounts.

As you know, at KH Chemicals “it’s all about people”. And it’s also about the safety and well-being of people. We therefore appreciate your special attention for these fraudulent activities in order to safeguard and protect the way we do business together.

Fraude alert slide

KH Chemicals supplying disinfectants free of charge

We all know that the COVID-19 crisis can lead to remarkable initiatives. One of those initiatives has been set-up by mr. Bolt and mr. Ketting of the company KH Chemicals, in cooperation with the company Anker Stuy Verven. KH Chemicals provided two key ingredients used in the manufacturing of disinfecting gels and liquids: IPA (better known as Iso Propyl Alcohol) and Ethanol, both completely free of charge.

BASF took part in the cooperation as well, it added some other ingredients and blended 3.500 liters of disinfecting liquid, again completely free of charge. BASF subsequently put the product in jerry cans and made it ready for distribution. At this stage transport company Trasegro came in play as they moved the jerry cans with finished product, also free of charge, from BASF (Heerenveen) to the headquarters of KH Chemicals in Zwijndrecht.

From here the jerry cans got distributed to institutions in the region that are in desperate need of additional sanitizing fluids such as care homes, residential communities and hospices. KH Chemicals, with its pay-off “It’s all about people”, joined forces with its business partners to help those in need. In the end we all need each other, that’s why it’s all about people!

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