KH Chemicals supplying disinfectants free of charge

We all know that the COVID-19 crisis can lead to remarkable initiatives. One of those initiatives has been set-up by mr. Bolt and mr. Ketting of the company KH Chemicals, in cooperation with the company Anker Stuy Verven. KH Chemicals provided two key ingredients used in the manufacturing of disinfecting gels and liquids: IPA (better known as Iso Propyl Alcohol) and Ethanol, both completely free of charge.

BASF took part in the cooperation as well, it added some other ingredients and blended 3.500 liters of disinfecting liquid, again completely free of charge. BASF subsequently put the product in jerry cans and made it ready for distribution. At this stage transport company Trasegro came in play as they moved the jerry cans with finished product, also free of charge, from BASF (Heerenveen) to the headquarters of KH Chemicals in Zwijndrecht.

From here the jerry cans got distributed to institutions in the region that are in desperate need of additional sanitizing fluids such as care homes, residential communities and hospices. KH Chemicals, with its pay-off “It’s all about people”, joined forces with its business partners to help those in need. In the end we all need each other, that’s why it’s all about people!

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