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With experienced teams in The Netherlands, Middle East, China, Russia, Ukraine and North America we are well equipped to serve customers globally. Because of our international presence we can quickly react to any market change.


KH Chemicals has a global network of buyers and manufacturers in the chemical market. Our core values are long-term partnerships and constantly looking for customer-specific solutions.


Our products can be divided into four product groups: Solvents, Acrylates, Monomers and Plasticizers. We operate in the segments Paint & Coatings, Ink, Glues & Sealants, Resins and various soft PVC-based substances.


Please click below for our delivery program:


The Alpe d’Huzes

Only in the Netherlands, more than 100.000 people are diagnosed with some form of cancer each year. And every year, more than 44.000 people die from this terrible disease which makes it cause of death number one. Wouldn’t it be incredible if mankind can finally stop this? To help achieve that goal, KH Chemicals will participate in the Alpe d’HuZes. On the first Thursday in June, several colleagues and business relations will conquer the Alpe d’Huez on bike or by foot. Every Euro collected goes directly and for 100% to scientific research. This means that all contributions are guaranteed to end up at the right place and in the right pocket. It’s never enough and we need all the support we can get. Are you already supporting our team?

Giving up is not an option!

Knowing these horrific facts, you can imagine that both cancer control as the individual attention for the cancer patient are very much needed. Under the motto “Giving up is not an option” all 5.000 participants won’t accept any restrictions in what they can and want to achieve that day. We will participate with two teams: KH by Bike (16 people, all cycling) and KH on Foot (9 people, walking or running). Each and every team member will give everything to make this event a resounding success in both sporting and financial terms.

You never walKH alone

It is no secret that KH Chemicals has a warm heart for the city of Rotterdam, after all, this is where its origins lie. It is this Rotterdam minded company that strongly supports cancer patients. We want to let them know that they are not alone in their fight against this terrible disease. This beautiful thought has led to our personal motto: YOU NEVER WALKH ALONE. We are in this for all the patients and hope to get many others willing to follow us.

Want to support our team? You can still make a donation via below links:

KH Chemicals On Foot
KH Chemicals By Bike 1
KH Chemicals By Bike 2

Please support our team in the fight against cancer, don’t let them walKH alone!
The KH Chemicals Alpe d’HuZes Team


The year 2021 was another year that we were working from home. While mainly being home-based, the KH team was inspired by its family members to look at the company’s KHore values differently… Click on the link to see how the KHids experienced, inspired and motivated their parents in their day-to-day work.


KH Chemicals serves the following industries:


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