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Boxing for Sara

Boxing for Sara

On the 1st of April KH Chemicals participated in the charity event “Boxing for Sara”. The registration fees of all participants are fully donated to this amazing foundation. The boxing event is initiated and organized by Stichting voor Sara (e.g. Foundation for Sara), founded at the end of 2016 by Sara Verbrugge’s parents shortly after they were told that Sara suffers from the incurable muscle disease Lama2-MD (also known as MDC1A). Children with this muscle disease generally do not grow old. In addition, the muscle weakness entails many limitations in daily life. That is why, since the diagnosis, Stichting voor Sara has committed itself with heart and soul to Sara and all other children with this terrible muscle disease. Besides that, the foundation also strives to publicize the many dozens of unknown and very rare muscle diseases and the impact for patients and their families.

The founders of Stichting voor Sara are convinced that all muscle diseases should be eradicated and that is only possible through good medical research. It is currently difficult to raise funds for small patient groups. Fewer investments are made which is why there is less research into these rarest muscle diseases. However, these muscle diseases are no more difficult to solve and these patients should also be entitled for a chance at a healthy life.

KH Chemicals hopes that Sara will be able to lead an independent and happy life later, despite her muscle disease. We believe that children and adults with a muscle disease can and should have a healthier future thanks to better diagnostics, good care and ultimately treatment. This is way we participate in this charity event for several years now, we truely hope that all these patients can grow old and live carefree. Just because it’s all about people.

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KH @Chemexpo 2023

We hoped you enjoyed Chemexpo 2023 as much as we did.
This show was special for us, at this was our first show in India!
We appreciate all of you who took the time to vistion our booth.
Once again, thanks and we will be in touch shortly.

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KH @ECS 2023

Thank you for visiting us at European Coatings Show in Nuremberg Germany.

We greatly appreciate your visit to our booth, your presence was key to the success of the event!

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Spinning for Sophia

Do you know that no less than 1 million Dutch people suffer from a rare disorder and that the majority, more than 80%, are children? Many of these disorders are often still unknown to doctors which makes timely recognition not only very difficult, but in many cases it even leads to a (too) late diagnosis with all the unpleasant and risky consequences that entails.

Many parents do not feel heard, simply because there is more attention and care for the “known” conditions. In addition, there is no treatment plan for most rare disorders, so don’t be alarmed, as many as 30% of these children die before their 5th birthday. You will undoubtedly agree with us: we have to do something about this!

On February 12, a delegation from KH Chemicals participated in “Spinning for Sophia” to raise as much money as possible for this great initiative. At the time of writing, a total of EUR 457,021 has been raised, a wonderful amount that undoubtedly helped the Center for Rare Disorders of the Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital. By concentrating treatments, more intensive collaboration and intensive research, solutions can be sought more quickly and effectively and new medicines can be developed more quickly. KH Chemicals is happy and proud to once again have made this edition, together with all the other participants, a resounding success. See you next year Spinning for Sophia!

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Stichting Ambulance Wens

Can you imagine what it would be like to hear the clock ticking at home one more time? Or to go to the sea one last time? Maybe a concert or festival for the very last time and then never again? Exactly, that is hardly imaginable. Yet there are people for whom this is the harsh reality because they are terminal and hardly mobile. They do not have long to live and can hardly be transported in a “normal way”.

The Stichting Ambulance Wens fulfills the last wishes of these people through ambulances specially designed for this charity, equipped with, among other things, an extra comfortable stretcher and windows around the vehicle. In addition, it is ensured that skilled and medically trained personnel accompany you on such a day. And there is no sitting still: the foundation fulfills no fewer than five to seven wishes per day, bringing the counter to a total of more than 19,000 fulfilled wishes!

All these wishes are fulfilled free of charge, the costs for everyone in the ambulance are fully borne by the foundation. In the ambulances there is not only room for the patient and the medical staff, family members and/or friends have also been thought of, for this there is room for two people. If there are still people who think that the foundation only arranges transport, we want to disprove this immediately: they arrange the entire wish, so both transport and any entrance tickets, meet and greets and food and drinks. In short, a fantastic initiative that KH Chemicals was happy to support by participating in the spinning marathon organized by students of the Commercial Economics SportMarketing and Management course.

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