Ethanol denatured 98%

Ethanol denatured 98%

The solvent Ethanol (also known as Ethyl Alcohol or Grain Alcohol) is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid with a slight characteristic odor. Denaturated Ethanol is one of the key ingredients for disinfecting hand gels and liquids but is also applied for the manufacturing of cleaners, inks, thinners, coatings, paint-strippers and agricultural applications. Ethanol can be produced in various ways of which the most common one is letting starch based crops convert into Ethanol by applying a dry or wet milling process. Another way to produce Ethanol, which currently is growing in popularity, is the fermentation of grains like corn (hence Grain Alcohol). Then there’s also synthetic Ethanol, produced from Ethene, which is mainly being applied to produce other petrochemical materials such as Ethyl Acetate.

The current COVID-19 crisis requires people to wash and disinfect their hands very frequently. This has caused a enormous demand for key raw materials such as Ethanol that is here to stay. If you are considering to start producing disinfecting hand gels and liquids, KH Chemicals advises you to check the recent instructions from the WHO (

If you are looking to produce disinfectants or handrub, please also check the instruction from the WHO

Substance name: Ethanol denatured
Trade name: Ethanol
EC no: 200-578-6
CAS no: 64-17-5
HS code:2207 10 00 90
KH product code: 100221
Formula: C2H6O
Synonyms: Ethanol, Ethanol denatured, Ethyl Alcohol Denatured, EtOH, Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol, Fermentation Alcohol, Grain Alcohol
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