Acrylic acid

Acrylic Acid (Glacial)

Acrylic acid (also known as 2-proenoic acid, vinyl formic acid, and propene acid) is a clear, colourless, corrosive, and flammable liquid that has an acrid/pungent odour. It has the formula C3H4O2 and it is miscible with water, alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform, and acetone. It is a very versatile, and valuable, industrial chemical as it is a chemical intermediate utilised in the production of many industrial and consumer products.

Substance name: acrylic acid, stabilized
Trade name:Acrylic Acid
EC no: 201-177-9
CAS no: 79-10-7
HS code: 29161100[/span7][/row]
KH product code:100187
Formula: C3H4O2
Synonyms: 2-propenoic acid / 2-propenoic acid, inhibited / acroleic acid, stabilized / acrylic acid / Acrylic acid, stabilized / AI3-15717 / Caswell No 009A / ethene carboxylic acid, stabilized / ethylene carboxylic acid, stabilized / glacial acrylic acid, stabilized / prop-2-enoic acid / propene acid, stabilized / propenoic acid, stabilized / vinyl formic acid, stabilized
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