It’s all about… working with the best people

“It’s all about… working with the best people”

We are proud to announce that Ravago Chemicals acquired the business interests of KH Chemicals B.V. and all of its subsidiaries.

Ravago Chemicals is the go-to partner for the chemical industry as it serves over 15.000 customers in various industries. The group offers a comprehensive product portfolio of industrial, specialty and base chemicals for a wide range of applications.

“Don’t try to be the best, try to work with the best

KH Chemicals B.V. has been a leading distributor of base chemicals for nearly 25 years. Founded in 1994, it is currently active in more than 90 countries worldwide. Being part of Ravago Chemicals Group enables the company to pursue global expansion and strategic growth.

“It’s all about people”

According to CEO and founder Hans Ketting, “the corporate identity, values and ethics of both companies are on the same level.” Based on this, we expect a solid and long-term partnership.

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