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Alpe d’Huzes

On Thursday June 6th two teams of KH Chemicals
participated in the “Alpe d’Huzes”.A motivated group of runners and bikers conquered the
famous mountain “Alpe d’Huez” in France to raise money for cancer research and the improvement of quality of
life of people with cancer.

The motto “giving up is not an option” is exactly the
thing the sportsmen of KH Chemicals have done. Some ran up the mountain even 2 times other cycled 4
times up the mountain, quite an achievement!

Apart from the sportive part, various activities were
organized to raise as much as possible for



Boxing for Sara

On January 20th 2019, KH Chemicals participated in a charity boxing event to raise money for the Foundation for Sara.

Two KH Chemicals teams worked very hard and did various workouts like pink boxing and cross boxing.

We are proud of our colleagues who put a lot of energy in this event to raise money for this charity!

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