sec-Butyl Acetate

sec-Butyl Acetate

sec-Butyl acetate, or s-butyl acetate, is a solvent commonly used as a solvent in lacquers and enamels, where it is used in the production of acyclic polymers, vinyl resins, and nitrocellulose.It is a clear flammable liquid with a sweet smell.

Substance name: sec-Butyl acetate
Trade name: sec-Butyl acetate
EC no: 203-300-1
CAS no: 105-46-4
HS code: 29153900
KH product code: 100559
Formula: C6H12O2
Synonyms: Acetic acid, sec-butyl ester; Acetic acid, 2-butoxy ester; Acetic acid 1-methylpropyl ester; 2-butanol acetate; sec-butyl acetate; 2-butyl acetate; sec-butyl alcohol acetate

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